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SHIFAN LED ceiling lamp Taiwan EPISTAR

Model: SF-511 spray white edge light gold

3W (COB) / 294LM

Model: SF-511 Lined Black

3W (COB) / 294LM

Color rendering index: 85

Chip: cell (Taiwan)

Power factor: PF = 0.9

Input voltage: AC85-265V, 50/60HZ

Light emitting angle: 20 degrees


1, high efficiency and energy saving one thousand hours consumption 1 kwh of electricity

2, long life service life up to one hundred thousand hours

No ultraviolet and infrared light rays in the 

3, healthy, no radiation

4, the green environmental protection is not harmful elements such as mercury and lead,easy to recovery and utilization

5, to protect the eyesight of DC drive, no stroboscopic

6, high optical efficiency, low fever, 90% of the electrical energy into visible light

7, high safety factor required voltage, current is smaller, less heat, no safety hidden trouble,can be used in mines and other dangerous places

Green environmental protection

Do not contain mercury, lead, seriously polluting the environment heavy metal hair from UV,so it does not like the lamps have many mosquitoes around the light source and theenvironment more clean and sanitary and clean; the metal shell of constant current drivingthe product innovation design of electrical energy into light efficiency rate is very high.

Application places

Applicable to auto show, jewelry, clothing, high-grade professional window, counter such key lighting places, is the ideal light source to replace traditional halogen tungsten lamp and metal halide lamp.


1, flush mounted on the ceiling

2, and used as a light lamp or lamp mounting bracket or track

3, plus the boom or cable used as Chandelier

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