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SHIFAN LED surface mounted downlight 6W Edison

Model: SF-820

Source: Edison

watt: 2x3x1W

Ma: 350 mA

LM: 600LM

 light color:3200K

Material: Aluminum

body color: White + Black

body size: L200 W90 H100

Protection grade: IP 20


LED lamp does not occupy the indoor space, indoor installation of LED lamp, because these crecy of lamps and lanterns, oppression will not feel, on the contrary will produce warm effect.

Therefore, the home can choose to install multiple lamps downlight, reducing the spatial feeling. But in general use for hotel, family, Coffee hall, shopping malls more LED downlight.

1.Energy consumption of 1 white LED is only 1/10 of the incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp 2/5, long: LED theory of life can be more than 100000 hours, for ordinary household lighting is "put things right once and for all"

2 can work at high speed: energy-saving lamps if frequent startup or shutdown the filament will be dark soon damage;

3 solid package, which belongs to the cold light source type. So it is very convenient for transportation and installation, can be installed in any micro and closed equipment, vibration resistance, the main consideration is the heat.

4 using LED downlight make home more beautiful. Will help the overall unity and perfect maintain indoor decoration, not destroy the chandelier lamp light source set, hidden in the decoration inside, not outside, no glare, the visual effect of LED light source to be more gentle, uniform.

5 environmental protection, do not contain mercury (Hg) and other harmful substances to the environment, will not cause damage to the environment. Assembly of the LED lamp can be easily disassembled, no manufacturers recycling are available through other people recovery. LED contains no infrared, ultraviolet, so don't bug.

6 quick response: LED fast response speed, the total elimination of the traditional high pressure sodium lamp starting process is long.

Poetry and LED lamp is the application of the new LED lighting source based on traditional lamp on the improvement and development of products, is a kind of embedded into the lighting ceiling light type, which belongs to the directional lighting, only its opposite to the light,beam angle belongs to the condenser, light is focused, contrasting. More prominent illuminated objects, lumen degrees higher, more foil a quiet atmosphere.

LED lamp is not fragile, Recyclable, strong environmental protection: do not contain mercury and other harmful substances, no pollution to the environment. And the energy saving,equivalent to reducing carbon emissions. In accordance with the family "energy-saving emission reduction" philosophy of life.

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