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LED panel light aluminum


10W (100PCS) /850lm

Appearance size: 300*300MM

18W (160PCS) /1500lm

Appearance size: 300*600MM

36W (320PCS) / 3400lm

Appearance size: 300*1200MM

Material: Aluminum

Protection grade: IP30

Color: white and warm white

Voltage: 96-265V

Lamp: patch: 3014

Color rendering index ≥ 75Ra

Installation: ceiling (card keel)


The poem where the LED panel lamp is a high-grade indoor lighting lamps, the outer frame is made of aluminum alloy by oxidation of the whole lamp design, beautiful and simple, luxurious atmosphere, not only have good lighting effects, and can bring the feeling of beauty.

The poem where the LED flat lamp energy saving, high brightness, no mercury, no stroboscopic, no heat, no pollution, no radio interference, even lighting, saving decorationspace superiority, subversion of the traditional light source emitting characteristics. It is unique in design, light through the light guide plate with high light transmittance ratio after the formation of a uniform plane light effect, illumination uniformity is good, light and soft,comfortable and not bright, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue.

As a landmark of the emerging lighting technology, LED itself also has many challenges in the application. Of which: glare, heat dissipation, volume, illumination and cost problem is alwaysaround in each big enterprise on the insurmountable barrier. However, the poem where LED backlight light source can effectively solve the problem of the existing market.

Compared with the traditional LED lighting technology, backlight technology poem van LEDpanel lamp based on a lot of its own characteristics. Its advantages are as follows:

A, can truly realize the lamp, light integration, people saw the light, but not see light, the realshow light texture;

Two, can reflect the diversity of design, designers can according to needs of the market, anyarrangement lamp arrangement so as to form the myriads of changes shape, style;

Three, a higher illuminance. Because the use of reflective panel light evenly and sealed, andthe light guide plate is made of aluminum alloy material, and the luminous effect, uniform,illumination can be greatly improved; four, because the shape is thin, low power, low heat, so heat more powerful. Wait.

Because the panel lamp has so many advantages, so the product rapidly grow into LED field of a dark horse, in a short span of one or two years, the growth is mainly circulation products LED lighting market. According to estimates, the current panel light output value has exceeded ten billion. In many product categories, the lamp into a bigger market share of products.

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